Ottoman bed

 Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed

Comfort and beauty have always been important criteria for home improvement and interior room selection. Today, the design industry has stepped forward and introduced more and more new ideas every year. For example, now many consumers are getting acquainted with an element of furniture such as an Ottoman bed, which is a transition between an armchair and a classic bed. The product is known for its functionality, comfort, and beauty that does not miss the buyer's sharp look.

What is ottoman

Silver Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed

The Ottoman bed came to us from the east. It can be described as a low wide model with a rear seat, located most often in the base. The traditional version looks concise and comfortable. The design differences are in the lifting mechanism with the laying of some types of beds and taking the size of a regular bed. In another embodiment, such a mechanism is integrated only in the ottoman frame.

However, do not confuse it with a mattress. Both options have specific features. So, what is the difference between an ottoman and a bed:

  1. The first can be used for both sleeping and sitting, the second has a specific purpose for sleeping.
  2. An ottoman is a ready-made sleeping place with a mattress that must be purchased separately for a bed.
  3. The first type of furniture was equipped with a folding mechanism and drawers for laundry.
  4. Ottoman is classified as a sofa rather than a bed.

Advantages and disadvantages

 Plush Fabric Upholstered Ottoman Bed

It requires a deep, detailed assessment of furniture selection. This approach will help you choose the option that will meet all the expectations of the buyer.

  1. Functionality, versatility. This type of furniture element can be used in the living room, bedroom. It is used for sitting, relaxation, and also for sleeping.
  2. Firmness. Due to its small size and transforming ability. Ottoman can be placed even in small rooms.
  3. The products are complemented by laundry drawers that help unload laundry cabinets.
  4. Wide variety of genres. This type of furniture is made of various materials: metal, wood, chipboard, MDF, soft fabric, or leather upholstery.


Ottoman Bed

Attention should be paid to a large number of varieties of this furniture. Some of them appeared relatively recently, due to the growing popularity of such a model among designers and consumers. Some models may seem very unsuccessful, but they still exist, which means there is a demand for them. The following types are presented in the modern market:

Corner ottoman bed. This is the most common. For, first of all, it is he who is among the centuries that have survived to this day. Secondly, you can place such a model in any corner of the room.

Sofa bed with three headboards. It may seem that such a design is strange, incomprehensible, and unsuccessful. But that's just the first impression. Such a design turns the ottoman into a real bed that can serve for a good rest, and its compact size and interesting design make it possible to place it in a narrow room.

Orthopedic mattress bed. It's a great option suitable for both sleep and relaxation. Due to the curved plane that repeats the spine and neck's bends, the muscle tone of the loads on these areas decreases, which contributes to relaxation.

Ottoman mattress with separate spring blocks. Such models are created only to increase the level of comfort. The design's essence is that each spring is in a separate capsule, as it allows for an even and uniform distribution of body weight. In this case, you can replace one or more springs as needed without damaging the entire mattress. For the bedroom, such an ottoman sofa is best suited.

With armrest. This option is a combination of sofa and ottoman.

Ottoman bed with drawers. This class's appeal is that you can store bedding and other things in additional sections under the bed. One model is suitable for small-space apartments and rooms where any location needs to be used advantageously.

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